Ahhhh les assurances!

Ahhhh insurance!

Finding insurance for your business, added to that children's products and this search becomes the obsession of several entrepreneurs in our community as well as the great "demotivator" number 1.

We know that you have to have insurance, but finding one seems a real headache and understanding what they are used for is just as confusing, let's face it!

So I decided to make a very short summary of what you need to know and of some companies, which within our community, have insured some of our members.

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1. First of all, notify your home insurance.

It is important to mention to your home insurance that e you make the manufacture as well as the online sale of products that you make it yourself if you work from home and don't have a storefront.

This is important, because if, for example, your house burns down and you did not warn them, your insurer could (and will)
refuse to compensate you for losses materials, devices or raw materials to name just a few.

2. Have civil liability insurance .

Civil liability insurance covers, for its part, material and bodily damage which are caused by the fact of your business, no matter what you manufacture or sell. For example, a visitor or a delivery man falls down your steps, a fire breaks out in your workshop and damages the building or even that of the neighbors, etc.

What it means is that it covers the damages that could be caused because of your COMPANY

You must also know that if you have an automobile or home insurance policy, your civil liability is generally covered within the framework of these for amounts of 1, 2 or 5M $. *

3. Having professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance is more difficult to obtain and often more expensive, because the risk is greater since it covers the risk after the product. This is what protects you in the event of a lawsuit following damage caused BY your product. Example, food poisoning caused by a cupcake you have baked, a snap button that breaks and comes off a garment made by you and a child chokes because of it, etc

What that means is that it covers damages that could be caused because of your PRODUCT.

4. Find an insurance company

Here are some insurance names that seem to be interested in insuring businesses and that have been named to our community:

If you also want to join this exceptional community, you can join it here: Facebook group

Finally, you should know that clauses like: "Our company does not assume responsibility for damage or loss caused by fire or theft, whatever they are" *. Are totally obsolete. It is therefore very important to be insured and to read your insurance contract carefully.

Go on, good research!

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Lussier Dale Parizeau
2. Éducaloi

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