Arrête de toute faire

stop doing everything

How many companies jump from rooster to donkey in the manufacture of their products, in search of the miracle product that will make them earn a million? You, do you have the impression of constantly scattering your “ expertise ”? Because yes, you are supposed to be the expert of your product if you sell it!

Are you one of those? Those who sell everything and anything? I admit that I was a bit. The one who just wanted to bring grist to the mill by any means whatsoever. Just a little water to run the mill a bit.

On the other hand, I quickly noticed that an expertise is not done with a lot of anything, anyhow. You have to go deeper into the subject, know your product or service and yes, know what you are doing before offering it.

It seems to me that I see more and more entrepreneurs scattering in their knowledge and in their product or service offer and I really understand the desire to grow our business and find the product that will make us take off, but unfortunately the success of a business is rarely risky.

Of course, we often hear these magnificent stories like that of the man who invented post-it notes by accident , wanting to create the strongest glue on the market, but these stories are popular precisely because they rarely happen.

When you start a business, you obviously have to find the idea of ​​a product or service that will capsize your heart and it is with this passion that you will be able to get your business off the ground. Too bad, excellent market research, our Persona and our product!

I was that person who wanted to do everything to try to sell, to contribute a little to the many expenses of the household and to prove to myself that my business was working well. Then the other day I saw a comment on Facebook from a girl that said coaches should have been successful in their entrepreneurial life, in their previous projects and in their previous businesses, to be a coach. To be a GOOD coach. Otherwise, she didn't deserve to be a coach. I understand his reasoning, but I disagree.

In truth, I made mistakes, MANY errors and I do not hide it! I prefer to share them with you, share my try-ERRORS , rather than not having made any, to tell you to follow me in my trainings, that you will make 7 figures per month, next month, to have succeeded in everything and then to not be able to save yourself my own fakes not !

As you probably know, I did a DEC in Fashion Marketing and I still made mistakes and I HOPE I will continue to do so honestly. Because first, I don't want to be miss perfect, because it's too boring and second, because it's through our mistakes that we learn.

In short, I digress ( as usual ) !

Where I'm coming from is that, as I told you, I was that person who did everything and anything to bring grist to the mill. Because yes, I know that's why we scatter and create more and more products; to try to find the one that will sell the best. To make some money, to find the product that will get our business off the ground.

When I started Sans Exception, my goal was to alter clothes for people with reduced mobility, intellectual efficiency in adulthood and/or loss of autonomy. I wanted those people who find it difficult to dress up to date or simply to suit their tastes, to be able to do so. Then, I was the age when all my friends had babies. So, one asked me this, then another that and then, reusable products and… then one day, I woke up and I was doing exactly what I didn't want to do and what I had always told myself that I would not do: children's products.

Not that it's bad to make products for children, but to do so, your product must stand out from the others and in a medium time to break through. The market is OVERLOADED with companies that make children's products. Anyway, that's what I did NOT want to do. So actually, I didn't succeed with Sans Exception.

Does that make me a bad coach ? A " coach " who has no place? I do not know. I think not.

As a matter of fact, BEFORE to start Without Exception, I went all the way; I had a DEC in Fashion Marketing, I knew how to do market research, I was accompanied by the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi in my region to properly manage the start-up of my business and to achieve a revolution in the world of clothing. for adults with a disability or for people on the path to or losing their autonomy, BUT , my business was struggling to take off and I needed money, so I got scattered and scattered again.

And you? Tell me ? Do you ever feel like you're scattered?

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