Convertir tes abonnés en clients

Convert your subscribers into customers

First of all. you should know that 'there is no miracle recipe to convert your subscribers into customers. There is the importance of knowing your product, knowing your persona and the entrepreneur's " wanting ", but there is no miracle process to convert your subscribers as customers and what is more, as loyal customers.

You should also know that if you are forty-two thousand (yes, that's my favorite number) companies like yours, you will have to set you apart to sell.

So today I'm going to give you some advice so that your conversion rate increases significantly, if of course, if you put your efforts into it.

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|| Know your product

I think this first step is the basis of everything. If you sell makeup remover pads, use them for a month, if you sell reusable sanitary napkins, use them for MONTHS before you put them on sale, or if you make body creams, use them on all skin types. It is important to know if your product will age well over time and if its maintenance and use will be easy.

  • Create focus groups to collect comments;
  • Create online surveys and send them to your mailing list;
  • Request samples from detergent companies and test each detergent on your product;
  • Put your products in the dryer, in the washer, in the water, in ... do you understand the principle?
  • Ask your current customers for product reviews.
In short, know it inside out, so if a client comes to you with a problem, you won't be flabbergasted from what happens and you can easily find a solution!

|| Know your Persona

Who is your typical client? Imagine yourself, you have a huge success that pushes you to rent a room. Your Persona enters the store:

  • How old is he?
  • Is it a man or a woman or a non-binary person?
  • Which class is he? (worker, average, well-off)?
  • How did he know you?
  • Does he use social networks?
  • Is he a member of a family? Single-parent? Separate ? Blended family?
  • What is his level of study?
  • What are the hobbies? Does he like reading or extreme sports?
  • What are his challenges in life? Are there any struggles that will be resolved thanks to your products?
  • Is he a buyer of low, mid or high end products?

And, here, I don't want to see anyone answer these questions on the off chance ... NO! You need to dig deeper into this subject and go to Statistics Canada . Do one of the most important steps in your market research and get to know your Persona deeply. If you know it, you will know how to serve it perfectly.

|| Know your potential

How far does your own potential go? Do you work full time in your company? Is it a hobby? A dream?

It is important to know your own limits and your own goals. Determine what your sales goals are this month, then this year, and next year. Do it smart ... I mean, if you're just starting your business, you might not be making $ 1M in revenue this month. Well, yes , you can think big, it depends on you and your product, but try to be as realistic and down to earth as possible.

It's better to have small steps and achieve your goals, than to be faced with too big challenges and to be discouraged!

|| Know your advantages and your competitors

This principle is very important, because it is it that will allow you to stand out and move away, far ahead, from your competitors

  • What sets you apart from your competition?
  • Why would your Persona come to buy from you instead of elsewhere?
  • Does your brand image represent your product? Your services?
  • WHO are your direct and indirect competitors?
  • What could I do to take inspiration from, or even surpass, large companies that are already successful?
  • Are your prices better than those of your competitors?

I would say that, it's not only important to know, but what's more, hard to find ... so I'll give you the best thing I've been given for find them. An easy trick that everyone can do:

Find the worst flaws in your business, those of your competitors and bet on them to do better and improve!

|| Providing the best digital customer service on the market

You know that many stores these days don't have a storefront. Customer service is therefore almost non-existent for some stores since it is impossible to call if you have a problem with a product or get a response from the page.

I would even say that in the current era where technology is used more than in turn to buy and sell online, it is PRIMORDIAL to have customer service OUT OF PAIR .
Whether you have 200 or 200,000 subscribers, it is important to respond to EACH of your customers, just as you would say " Hello " to each of the customers who would enter your physical store. Even if you have 200,000 subscribers, determine a time, which you use each day, to do the content creation and to respond to those messages and comments.

*** However, be careful not to like all the comments at once, otherwise Facebook will block your access thinking that you are a robot.

Every comment, point of view, shares, private message, notes, etc. on your company page must be underlined by a code that has been seen by the page, by the entrepreneur, and that it is appreciated.
If you have negative comments, take the time to correct the situation by responding publicly on the star-spangled note the person assigned to you.

Just like someone who shares your posts, take the time to like the sharing and thank the person who does. Your subscribers will feel more concerned with your page, with your products and they will probably consider you as their Friend-Entrepreneur.

And you? Do you know any other tips to convert your customers into subscribers? Let us know by commenting on this article.


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