Etsy, GoDaddy, Webself, Wordpress, Shopify, square... Lequel choisir?

Etsy, GoDaddy, Webself, Wordpress, Shopify, square ... which one to choose?

Which web host to choose?

When we enter the world of entrepreneurship, we all ask ourselves questions, but above all we wonder: how to make yourself known and which website will I use to do so!

Today I will give you a summary of the conditions for each of the following platforms:

  1. Etsy
  2. GoDaddy
  3. Webself
  4. Wordpress (Woocommerce)
  5. Wix
  6. Shopify
  7. Square

I am also going to assign a score for three categories, which ACCORDING TO ME , will help guide you to an informed choice. When it is entered N / A, it is because I did not test the host myself, so I do not comment on these three points.

You may also disagree at all and that's fine, I'm talking to you today about MY opinion of the thing.

You should also know that I have a course in graphic design, which perhaps advances me a little in my skills compared to yours, but I will try to be as objective as possible !

The evaluation categories will be as follows:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Quality / price ratio
  3. Additional applications available

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So let's start with Etsy

1. Etsy

Ease of use 4/5
Quality / price ratio 3/5
Support and additional application available 1/5

  • Fee of $ 0.20 USD on each item in your store, renewable for the quantity of items you put.
    Example, you have 10 flower wallets to sell. Each time you sell one, the renewal of the item is automatically billed to you at $ 0.20 USD

  • Product sheets expire after 4 months and are automatically renewed every 4 months. So roughly $ 0.60 USD per year per item.

  • 5% on each item sold, options and gift wrapping (before taxes for Canada)
    Example, you sell wool for $ 2.50, Etsy keeps $ 0.13 on your sale. < br>
  • Both internal and external Etsy advertisements are possible. For external advertising, the percentage taken by Etsy on each sale made through external advertising is 15% per sale to a maximum of $ 10,000 USD. After 10K $ USD, the percentage is 12%

  • Etsy's ads, internal or external, are depending on the budget you allocate, but we are not talking about small advertising budgets like the Facebook offer, before having a good return.

  • To subscribe to Etsy plus, the fee is $ 10.00 USD per month, but it does not need to be.

  • Square and Etsy can partner together to make in-person sales. Etsy takes $ 0.20 USD on every sale you make in person.
    Example when you sell in a marketplace in addition to the fees Square takes you to use their receiver.

  • Possibility to print delivery labels depending on your carrier (applicable fees)

* USD is used here. To see the conversion cost on the day you read this article, you can convert your Canadian dollars into US dollars here: Bank of Canada

Table of web hosts

* You can click on the table and you will be redirected to the PDF document to better see it

So, have you decided which one you will take?

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