Les principes de la communication 20/80

The principles of 20/80 communication

|| Social networks ... the bête noire of several entrepreneurs.
The Facebook algorithm , hereinafter called Alf , sometimes makes us dizzy. Some commonplace posts reach a number of subscribers that we don't even have and other posts we do get only a few likes.

But let's see ?!

In addition, these are always the publications on which to devote the most love which does not get only a few viewings?! Alf is hard to follow!

|| First of all, you should know that Alf is capricious like not deux!
  • - Alf likes parsimony and discipline.
  • - Alf likes consistency.
  • - Alf like that you post, every week, regularly, but tsé , Alf is not your subscribers!
Honestly, do you follow a Facebook page that posts pictures QUE of its products? Every day? Every week? The same photos, the same promotions, the same kinds of products, all time? Arff!

Alf him, he didn't think about that eh! We if !

Nothing more tiring than constantly attacking these subscribers with the same post types every day.

On the other hand, when Alf sees that, there at , he is fine happy and he agrees to publish us in the news feed of our subscribers, but he does not think about the fact that it is the best way to tire these said subscribers and that they get tired and they " dislikent "our page so soon because they are overwhelmed by our recurring posts !

Think of those famous TV commercials that play twice from suite on television. Do you really like them? Do you remember something good?

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Okay, now that we're all at the same level, enough context!
I'll tell you about the principle 20/80!

|| The 20/80 principle is intended to be very ( even too ) simple not to be known!

  • 20% of your posts must be posts about your products.
  • 80% of your posts must be about other things.

That's it! No more complicated than that!

But now, you're going to tell me ... " Ouin .. but the 80% where do I get? "
I admit, the lack of inspiration is already quite present in your life and in addition, I tell you that you must make publications about others things that your products ... Phew!

The principle is that you make 20% of your publications about your products.
photos of your products or services in promotion or newly created or add in the "ready to go" section of your online store. You include the link of your website and Hop ! Here is your 20%.
< br> || What does 20% represent over a week?
It depends on ... So let's say, you make one post a day, every week, that's 7 days.

So here's the calculation to do:
20 X 7/100 = 1.40 days that you have to make a publication on your products. So we round up to 1 day.
So, one day a week, you publish a publication on your products.

Already , you have to know that you have to be a sick communicator to make one publication per day! Haha!

So let's say you are a " Moderate " communicator, depending on your posting schedule, you plan to do 4 posts per week. The calculation is the same: 4 X 7/100 = 0.28 days.

There, you're going to tell me say " Quesser ? I don't publish if I round? "
You always round to a minimum of 1, so you post one day a week again.

Okay, you have to know that if you are addicted to stories , you must count your stories in your publications OR AGAIN , reserve your stories to the principle of " The friend-entrepreneur " in order to separate your publications 20 / 80 of your stories Friend-entrepreneur ... Perdon ?!
Yes, yes, we'll talk about it later!

|| What does 80% represent over a week?
You must first redo your previous calculation backwards, or if not, you simply do the subtraction. The choice is yours.

On the other hand, 80% of publications on other things ... It's phew confess! ... Me too, at the beginning, I was wondering what that represented ...

So I give you here examples of the company I had before:

>> In another life, I was the owner of a company of ecological reusable fabric products, handmade, in Quebec.

>> My 80% was therefore publications about: liquid products to use with my products, maintenance of my products, DIY (do it yourself ) , ecological strategies, composting, "green house" advice, development of other businesses who work in the same sector (but not direct competitors hien !) , of the encouragement of companies in my province, of press publications in which I have appeared such as L'Écho de Maskinongé, sharing with my subscribers about their satisfaction, positive comments on my company, my service and even negative comments that I have resolved with brio, questions that my customers could have etc

ALWAYS around my niche, NEVER directly from my product.

Do you see the genre? I know, it's not always s easy to find ... Subscribe to as many business pages in your niche as possible and see what those pages do. Take notes, Screenshot and get inspired by them.
From their post topics.

No, that NEVER , but get some inspiration and get the best out of yourself!

* A look back at the friend-entrepreneur ? I'll do this to you in another article, follow the link.

Let yourself be ideas for posts in comments to inspire others.


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