Le coût par clic et la publicité Facebook

Cost per click and Facebook advertising

Have you ever wondered what a "cost per click" means?

Do you know how Facebook ads work?

Do you sometimes feel completely lost in all these terms?

Take the time to read this article; he is for you !

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|| Facebook and its little traps...

When we follow on social networks or consult blogs on the subject, we often see this expression " cost per click ". Have you ever wondered what it means as such?

The term “ cost per click ” ultimately means “ the price I pay per click on my post ”. Hun?!

The way Facebook works is quite simple, when you know, of course: Facebook ads work by auction.

So the more people who pay at any given time to advertise on their business page, the higher the cost per click.

Otherwise, the less companies want to advertise at a given time, the cheaper the cost per click.

This therefore means that, when we pay for advertising during Christmas time, or in the middle of June, the rendering of our advertising budget will be markedly different!

If, for example, you are used to advertise at $15.00/day and during the month of December the cost per click is $3.00 , after 5 people who have interacted with your publication, you will have reached your total budget, so your advertising stops being offered, until the next day.

If, on the contrary, you advertise in a period when there are few events, so little advertising on Facebook, the cost per click will be low and your budget may not even be reached during your given period. because it will more or less be offered by Facebook! DAAAHH !

What should be done to offset these expenses?

To plan,

To plan,

To plan !

Hey yes! You recognize me there confess! haha

  1. It is important to plan your annual advertising budget in order to distribute and choose the moments to make your Boosted publications and your advertisements.

  2. You can also diversify advertising platforms ! You can advertise for your business, for example, on Instagram , Pinterest , Google Ads , etc.

  3. Also take advantage of the opportunities sometimes offered by influencers and companies to do , contests, virtual markets, special calendars, publications in groups where you can tag your company and also do LOTS of Christmas and summer markets , and hand out your business cards like there 's no tomorrow .

  4. You can also take a walk with your children and distribute flyers in your neighborhood or in the neighborhoods surrounding your shop. Quebecers like to encourage their neighbours!

You have to be careful not to always rely on Facebook ads and ESPECIALLY , you have to do everything in your power to SURPRISE your prospects !

The first time I saw an advertisement hung on a door back in a restaurant bathroom stall, I was so and really surprised to see it there! (well, let's say that this last fact doesn't make me any younger, anyway haha ​​)

What I mean is:
stand out ! Surprise your customers!  

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