The Friend-Entrepreneur

The friend-entrepreneur, "what about that"?

Do you recognize this principle of the friend-entrepreneur hereinafter called AE which comes from this current tendency to share a little of his life, in storie , on his company page?

I'm sure that you already have in mind some women or men that you follow and who share their daily life with their spouse / partner / children / animals / named it!

|| What is the impact of this sharing?

It is important first of all that you see the pros and cons of this practice:

>> FOR

  • You create proximity with your subscribers.
  • Your subscribers feel you are more "human" because you live the same daily life as them.
  • Your followers feel like they can trust you and that you understand them.
  • They feel appreciated and concerned by your words.
  • The conversion of subscribers to customers is greatest when you represent an AE for your subscribers because they buy products from a "friend".


  • The barrier is very thin when it comes to your personal and professional life.
  • A lot of entrepreneurs end up being treated as influencers and the goal of having a business page, unless your business is yourself, that's not it.
  • It's hard, once you start, not to fall into some kind of diary of stories.
  • You " owe " explanations to your subscribers for certain lifestyle choices that you make and that normally, you would not have to justify (then that, it is not me who says it, it's the subscribers who behave like that, unfortunately).
  • Finally, you also open the door to a lot of unwanted advice from Pierre-Jean-Jacques-Petit-Jo-Connaissant.

|| How to be a good Friend-Entrepreneur

  • First choose which aspects of your life you want to share.

    Example 1: if you have an event business and your spouse is a photographer. Your subscribers will have to know her, if he takes pictures of your events. You can therefore, with her consent, share snippets of your private life with her or photos and mentioning that the photos come from your sweetheart. She will benefit from your visibility, you from hers.

    Example 2: you have been working from home for several months, you roll your bump as they say and you get pregnant unexpectedly. You wait a few months and as you know your pregnancy will eventually influence your performance, you share your first ultrasound and some photos of your pregnancy. So your subscribers mentally prepare to see you slow down, feel concerned about your pregnancy and half will be touched by the pregnant woman that you are.

  • Write down on a piece of paper or in your computer what you allow yourself to share and not share. Also try, as far as possible, that the subject can match with your product. If this is not the case, it does not matter: draw the line of what you want to keep private and not.

  • Always share in stories your private adventures. NEVER in publication. Reserve your publications for your products and your other publications ( The 20 / 80 do you know? ) . Imagine arriving on a page Instagram or Facebook where you find photos of cats with photos of reusable sanitary napkins. Weird isn't it? Even if you like cats a lot ..

    In addition, your future customers will take a long time to find your products if you respect principle 20 / 80 that you just discovered.
    Then we don't want that since people spend an average of 10 seconds on a Facebook page.

Okay, so I'll let you become a super Friend-Entrepreneur

Leave your story ideas in comments so that others can benefit too!


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