Les 10 commandements du service à la clientèle

The 10 commandments of customer service

Who has never walked into a store feeling like bothering the advisers there? Cell phone in hand, barely looking up, not greeting you, as if to say " what do you want ?! " ...

I have 1,000 examples of this because I think I am the least tolerant person in the world of bad customer service. I think the worst part is when you call me " my beautiful ". Simple like that. Already, I'm a girl with a big bubble, but this kind of closeness that the person tries to establish with me, by calling me " my beautiful " annoys me deeply.

I don't think I'm the chief customer service expert , nor have I ever failed a customer, but in all the stores where I worked as a teenager and young adult , everywhere, clients came for ME to see and that, is flattering in titi!

With the Christmas markets and monster store traffic approaching, I wanted to make you a list of the 10 commandments of customer service so you can learn how to service your customer. peerless and unforgettable.

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1. Your cell phone, you won't take

Never…. I mean JAMA . When you are on a break, when you go to the little corner, when you go to dinner, when you are SOME to be alone in the store: YES, but JAMA when 'a customer is in the store! If he has a question, he won't dare ask you and a customer who doesn't ask about your product is certainly a customer who won't buy, or a customer who will return their product having chosen the wrong one because of your lack of advice. In addition, we all lived the situation where we strolled on Facebook because we had 5 minutes to kill before a meeting and we found ourselves late for the same meeting because we did not. had not seen the time passed.

Like one of my former managers - whom I hated - once said to me: " there is always something to do, if you really have nothing to do , pretend to work, you will find it! ”. At the time, I thought it was the world's worst stupid advice, but after a while it turned out to be pretty true.

On top of that, a customer who walks into your store or comes to your kiosk doesn't want to feel like you were ONLY waiting for HIM to survive your day. So, take care!

2. Your patience, you will keep

I know this point seems obvious, but each person is unique and you have to learn how to get used to it. One day you will be more tired or you will be at the end of the day and a potential customer will hang out in front of your kiosk without finally buying anything ... Even if it is late, that you are tired, that it's raining, that you argued with your best friend, the client deserves the same service you gave to the first client who came to see you this morning.

Some speak slowly, others too fast, some give too much detail and still others will ignore you completely. Keep calm, listen to each of them and if it's too long for you, sing Little Santa Claus in your head. It will pass.

3 Your smile, you will show

The biggest and the most true ! In markets and stores, take the time to smile at everyone who walks into your store or approaches your kiosk . They are interested in what you do or what you sell, so it's well worth a nice big smile that comes from the heart.

4. Honesty, you will use

Don't you know something? You don't have this product? You never have See what the person is talking about? Use honesty! Really. Better to be honest than to talk to someone who knows their stuff too well, who asks you questions to test your knowledge, and who knows you're lying to them.

When I was a teenager, I worked at Reitmans , I dared to tell clients when pants made them big butt . It's all in the way of saying it obviously, but I was saying it, women WANTED to know it. On the other hand, I did not tell them in an inappropriate way, I offered them another model which would put “ their curves in value ”. There it was, it was said, it was sweet, it was true and I was selling a pantalo n the same, just not the model they originally chose.

5. Questions, you will ask

" Hello ! Can I help you in your research? Are you coming for a gift? Do you know our promotion? Do you know that this product is the favorite of our customers? Do you know the principle of cold saponification? » NOT ALL . Not all at the same time and not all to the same person, but know that it is up to you to initiate a conversation with your customers.

Address- you to their children too. Even if you are Cruella from hell and you hate children . Hey there, not in a strange way, we get along! Haha ! Just DO NOT pretend your clients' children aren't there.

For a client, your self-esteem is as much, if not more, than the consideration you give to your spouse, children or accompanying person!

We don't care if you sell bras; if her grandfather is here, you say hello, good!

6. Listen, you will know

How many people on this earth feel lonely? Honestly, it's sad, but a lot of people feel lonely, misunderstood and with no one to confide. I'm not saying to become a therapist , but how do you feel when you leave the hairdresser when you've just spent 2:30 talking and to feel listened to: you feel FREE. Make it live too!

7.Make your client wait, you won't

We are not talking about a moment, quite involuntary on our part, when we are already busy with someone who has come to tell us about their life and we see another customer arriving at our kiosk

Whether we are in a brief conversation or are trying to define whether it is the egg or the hen that came first, we do not not abandon our first client BUT we tell the other that it has been seen: "I am see you in a moment! Take care to go around, as soon as I free myself, I'll be available to answer your questions if you have any! "

Simple. Fast, Efficient! He knows you've seen her, that you're considering him. The other client knows you're expected, but doesn't feel any pressure. Everyone is content-content !

8. Delegate, you will learn

You don't know the name of the product, the composition, the style, you don't have time, you have to go to the little corner… Never leave a client dead . Tell the client that you are going to find the best alternative for them, the best solution or even the best adviser to answer his questions. It is really okay not to know everything, but it is very bad to advise badly because we don't want to admit that we don't know!

9. Alternatives, you will find

You no longer have blue, you no longer have green jeans, you no longer have the right size… Find alternatives . Find a light blue instead of a dark blue, find another kind that looks like instead of limiting yourself to the size that is no 's more here. Suggest other things to complete a style or a cut. Do like me with the pants that make big buttocks. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go back to command 4.

10. Of politeness, you will use

Politeness is good manners, until the person tells you that you don't need to. The politeness, that is to say thank you , there is no fault , goodbye , hello and s' please .

Everyone knows that, you will tell me, but it happens that some people do not use these simple polite expressions, but which make all the difference between a good and a bad service to customers!

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In the end, customer service isn't rocket science, it's just being humanly nice to people who are interested in your products or the company you work for. If you're embarrassed, you'll probably have to double your efforts and I know a lot about the embarrassment. The only problem with embarrassment is that most people look extremely dumb when only embarrassed , then display at least one smile!

You? Do you have any other tips that you use to have outstanding service?

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