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Weakness: “Getting organized”

A mention that comes up a little too often in the application forms to be sponsored in our group .

Whether it is my clients directly or a sponsorship request on the group, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers find it difficult to organize themselves.

How not to miss an important task?
How many weeks end with " poop, I forgot to do that! "?

We agree that when you are self-employed or in a sole proprietorship, there is a certain moment when, as a business owner, you are the only person who goes from clothing to clothing. administration in our company. May all the tasks be ours and that we must develop MANY strings to our bow and wear all the hats, at the same time and even those that do not really do us well.

So it's quite likely that you will end up forgetting some stuff and not feeling accomplished or accompanied when you do some other stuff.

So here I am going to give you a rundown of what could help you lighten your weeks and your mental load!

A tool you can use as a guide to give you a better idea of ​​how to organize yourself when you're an entrepreneur.

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To accompany your week, start each Monday morning or Friday before with a to-do list for the following week. Even better if you make your list during the week before and that you are able to recognize the order of priority of your tasks and to assign to each one, a day to do it.

It is also important that you determine how much time per task you should give to these.

To help you and you to give a better idea, here is a non-exhaustive list of what you have to do in a week and how much time you must grant each task :

Tasks T / Week Description
1 Administration

2 H (EC)

4 H (EI)

Accounting, marketing, purchasing, debt collection, customer research, etc.
(Clothing entrepreneur)

Accounting, debt collection, search for collaborators, etc.
(Entrepreneur influencer)

2 Social media management

5 H (EC)

10 a.m. (EI)

Uploading products for sales, blog post posting, new product posts, photo and video sharing and upcoming events , respond to subscriber comments, etc.
(Clothing entrepreneur)

Blog article posting, photo and video sharing and upcoming event, respond to subscriber comments, etc.
(Entrepreneur influencer)
3 Confection

25 H (EC)

3 PM (EI)

Making products: manufacturing your products from your raw materials & sending packages, etc.(Clothing entrepreneur)

Content creation: Elaboration and creation of your publications and stories, photo taking, collaboration meetings, etc. (Influencer entrepreneur)

4 Customer service

5 H (EC)

5 H (EI)

Answering your emails, answering your private messages on Messenger, answering your calls, returning your calls, etc. (Clothing entrepreneur)

Answer your emails, answer your private messages on Messenger, answer your calls, return your calls, etc. (Influencer entrepreneur)

5 Marketing

3 H (EC)

2 H (EI)

Implementation of boosted publication, development of strategies for upcoming promotions, posting of promotional codes, marketing plan for the current and / or future year, etc. (Clothing entrepreneur)

Setting up boosted publication, uploading promotional code, etc. (Influencer entrepreneur)

6. Prepare next week 2 H Preparing upcoming posts, uploading blog posts, setting upcoming goals etc.

42 H

38 H

Clothing entrepreneur

Entrepreneur influencer


It is certain that at the beginning of a business, it is extremely rare for the owner to roll on gold, we will say! Even 37% of companies do not survive their first 5 years of life! So if you are the type of person who HATES accounting, for example, try not to do it! Delegate tasks that you find too difficult or that don't really, really do you.

We s 'means that, the more a task turns us off, the greater the temptation to “ botcher ” to get away with it as quickly as possible or to do everything for the avoid and we take delay, delay and more delay.

So, when the period arrives taxes, we get forty-two posts per day on the group of people who research help updating their accounts and inventory haha ​​.


Priority management may seem “trivial”, but you would be surprised how many people have no idea how do!

Here are some criteria that allow you to manage a priority:

1. The delays : in how long should you return this test or submit this sample or even deliver your product to meet your delivery deadlines?

2. Profitability : If you do your task, any suite, is it more profitable than another?

3 The time : How long will it take you to manufacture your product or to perform this task?

4. The risk : If you haven't done it now, what are the impacts on your business? Are you able to do it now? How will you get started ?

So, are you ready to take on new entrepreneurial challenges? Because that's what awaits you if you organize yourself better!

Tell me, you? Do you feel or are you organized?


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