Ta valeur (Version pas douce)

Your worth (Not sweet version)

Do you remember this article I wrote: Know your worth and the value of your product - The impostor syndrome ?

I explained to you how to recognize the value of your product, what was impostor syndrome and BLA, blah, BLA!

Honestly, I still see Quebec companies passing by that do not give the impression of respecting themselves. So I decided to do the " not sweet " version of my first blog post!

Those who know me know that I am a little (not bad) feminist and I find it quite difficult to always see the products, from women entrepreneurs, not being displayed at their fair value.

So I decided to write you this. Keep it in your favorites and when you think your products are too expensive, read it again.

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Why don't you charge cheap ( roast )

So, you decided to start your business. It's cool ! You don't have to work well well if you charge cheap the same? It's because that do not take no time to make your product or because you botch finishing ? Or maybe you're not proud of what you do? Oh Well! Ah, unless it's because you don't like money! I create well that 's it must be it!

Um ... Oh Nope! I found ! This is because inflation has not spared the rest of Quebec, but YOU yes ! You are the lucky person who is unaffected by inflation in the cost of living, groceries, raw materials or gasoline. Lucky!

Let's talk about groceries! Are your products not decently priced because at the grocery store you go to, they have a price " range " for people who don't charge high in their own business? Like, you go to the grocery store and you mention that you're an entrepreneur so they give you a 50% discount on the total price?

Oh okay , I found it! You charge less for your products because you love people so much that when they buy your products you prefer to pay them to buy instead of paying you to buy YOUR products!

Unless, again, it's because you calculate $4.00/hour of salary ? I was making the same salary when I was babysitting 20 years ago, and I was rolling in gold! Except evolution is evolution, you don't have to stay at $4.00 an hour. Tsé , my great-grandmother: she was washing clothes on the washboard. But my grandmother, she is no crazier than anyone else: she also has a washing machine like you and me!

Basically, you may just not know what you're doing and as you do anything, you draw the price of your products in a hat and you write the numbers a little randomly!

Me, I think that you do not write the real price of your products because your product is not worth glue . It's ugly, you not there don't put on heart and the quality of your raw materials is Ouak !

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Do you think that?

are you already walked on Etsy ? We'll tell each other, there is things that sell for a terrible price and there is other business, exactly the same, which are sold at ridiculous prices. But both sell.

The important thing is not the price of your product, but the target market.

Then, if you charge too little, you will only have two categories of buyers: those who know that you charge not ENOUGH and who take advantage of it and those who think that your products are not even worth shit because, cheap too, it's suspicious !

People who take advantage of you Be like

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Calculate the price of your products

Obviously, I know that some don't charge enough just because they don't know how to calculate the price of their product. That, I understand! And you can always do this training or buy my document so that it calculates the price of your products for you.

Except that, if you make the effort to calculate the price of your products and that you VOLUNTARILY charge, cheaper, to sell, my kitten , it is exactly for this reason that you will not sell.

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The calculation

To calculate the cost of your products, the calculation is pretty much as follows:

Raw materials + delivery/quantity
(repeat for each PM)
(Hourly wage x 30%) x Time
Subcontractor X % profit chosen
Labels + delivery/quantity
Packaging + delivery/quantity
Device depreciation
Administrative, warehousing & selling costs
Postage and packaging, if applicable
Total costs X % profit

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The most important concept:

Respect you !

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Last Update: 2022-05-11

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