Un peu coach malgré moi !

A bit of a coach despite myself!

" Coach " this term that I particularly hate.

That and a bunch of other words that sound to me like red flags . I say these are red flags , but that's because I'm way too much down to earth to understand people who use certain terms or sales techniques to sell their side dishes or their products and services. I mean, you CAN use those words, but it's just that ME , it doesn't joined not. Anyway, can I give you an example? The people who claim to be rich and tell you that they will make you rich in turn, L - O - L!

Like online coaches and infopreneurs , there is a big trend right now that is at the level of: " Look how rich I am; I'll show you how to become so" and that, I really have a hard time with that! Maybe because I'm not rich myself. Jealousy maybe ...

On the other hand, the word coach bothers me, because for me, a coach is the girl who sells dreams and who comes to write to me in a private message on Instagram because she knows how to make me lose weight. or how to make myself rich by blinking my eyes and working 2 hours a week. RE-L-O-L!

She, she thinks, that by scraping a bit of my self-confidence, by telling myself that I should lose weight or by telling myself that I am therefore poor (even though she doesn't know a penny of my income) , that I will trust her. She thinks only with sound :

"Hey hi Stephanie, I hope you're doing well? Did you know that it's possible to shed those extra pounds in one easy step by kicking yourself the powder of this and that and finally look like the girl who you want to look like because you sure don't want to look like what you look like right now? "

that she will make me want to answer her something other than going... In short , a coach for I'm the girl who thinks I'm naively going to tell her what my endocrinologist, my nutritionist, my gastroenterologist, my microbiologist, my family doctor and I have tried and are trying to do for and for several years because that she knows how to make me lose weight. She, she knows, she is a coach!

A coach for me is also the girl who comes to tell you that she has the magic formula to make money like water, that she knows the goddess of abundance personally, that she rituals of monetary spirituality and that she has direct contact with mother nature to grow her money trees.

Okay, look, I'm getting off topic.

In short, a coach for me, Those are those girls.

These girls there, who sell " too good to be true ", who don't have the trick of talking to me and who think they have the infused science of weight loss, making cash and who, because they have done 10 hours of training about the product they are selling and only about the product they are selling, know everything.

These same coach girls, who will try, more or less badly, to befriend me slyly so that I end up buying guides that I don't want , because they need new friends, because they have already exhausted their current-friends resources and that it takes them new false-friends to be able to sell their products.

It saddens me the people who get caught up in this. Poor them!

So when people tell me I'm a coach, I automatically turn my back on myself and say that I'm NOT a coach and that I am not not them !

Except, the concern is that over time, I have come to understand that people think that I am a coach. Not a weight loss coach, nor a cloud shoveler, but a " Business coach ". Not a coach who goes slided in your Instagram DMs to sell you anything ( no , I don't do that) but I realize that people don't all have the same vision of the word "Coach" as I do.

Brrr. It gives me shivers to think about it. Me. Coach!

In truth, I am NOT a coach. In my heart anyway . I am not the girl who will come and write inappropriate messages on your Instagram. No. Except if you think I'm a business coach for you and that it makes you happy. I am, even if I don't particularly like the word coach being associated with my name or my company.

But wait, I'm happy to help you. Even that I love it and with a capital A! But I don't like the idea of ​​people calling me a coach. Even if it's a business coach.

To tell the truth, I am not a coach or a virtual assistant or a graphic designer. No, in fact, yes , I am a graphic designer, but within La Vulgarisatrice , I am not really a graphic designer. 

I am a trainer.

To tell you the truth, when people tell me they want to talk about me and don't know what I'm doing, I admit they're not wrong. What I do cannot be described in one word. My mother even confessed to me the other day that she didn't know what I was doing, but still referred me to someone knowing that I could do what the person wanted me to do. So even if she doesn't know, she knows that.

The only thing that I am or rather that I do is: show people how to become entrepreneurs and that's when people tell me that I'm a coach . Your coach is actually the person who shows you to  [...] so I guess I am.

But I sooooo hate that term!

In short, in the end, they may be right: I may be a bit of a coach, despite myself!

And you? Do you think I'm a coach or not? And tell me, do you know any inappropriate coaches like the ones I told you about?

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Last Update: 2022-06-05

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I reread this text with a little hindsight and bitterness today, because this weekend, I learned of the loss of a man who had an important place in my life. A teacher who gave us shown to stand up as women in our physical education classes, because we were 5 girls out of 30 students in the class of the program of Sport-plus in which I have been in years 2000.

This professor showed us that a woman in sport is worth just as much as a man and that she deserves her place just like a man. He taught us what self-transcendence was and how to access it.

This professor was called Jimmy Thompson , but for several, it was "Coach Thompson ". His sudden death, at the age of 56, reminds me that the word "Coach", in this case, is perhaps not as " demonizable " as what I testify here.

For me a coach is none other and nothing other than this respectable man.

See you Jimmy!

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