<transcy>About us</transcy>

I'm Stephanie, the founder of the  group La Vulgarisatrice and also the owner of the company under the same name.

Who is Stéphanie?

  • A mother of two little girls, an 11 years old and a 1 1/2 year old
  • A slightly intense girlfriend
  • An Administrative Assistant
  • An entrepreneur's daughter, born into entrepreneurship

My skills?

  • I'm specialized in business start-ups and management;
  • I'm specialized in social media management and marketing support;
  • I have a College Diploma in Fashion Marketing;
  • I have a College Certificate in Graphic Design;
  • I have been an Administrative Assistant for 12 years;
  • I have been working in customer service for 15 years.

Seems like everything I write here, does not make me younger!

My failures?

OH! There have been many, but it is also what has allowed me to build my character and obtain skills today that help aspiring entrepreneurs.

My goal?

Help Quebec entrepreneurs to ...

  • Start their business according to the rules of the art;
  • Understand the processes in they are embarking on;
  • Popularize the documentation of our various governments;
  • Get back on their feet when they experience setbacks;
  • Understand their social networks and manage them like Bosses;
  • Have attractive online stores;
  • Obtain monetary and human resources;
  • Do their market research;
  • ...

In short, YOU determine your goals and I help you achieve them legally.

See you later ☺️


Écris-moi !